A Begonia For Miss Applebaum - Planning To Read It!

A Begonia for Miss Applebaum - Paul Zindel

I have no idea why, but no one else in my book group wanted to read this, so I offered to do it if no one else would. It doesn't seem like that bad of a book, according to the summaries I've read about it!

Henry and Zelda's  favorite teacher, Miss Applebaum, has retired. The kids set out to find her, carrying a begonia as a gift, and they find her house - but they also find out she's dying. The disease is never stated in the book, but it seems to be cancer. Henry and Zelda take their turns in the book explaining the story. Henry is almost scientific in the telling, but he is very clear about what is going on and his thoughts about it. Zelda turns her story-telling into, almost an art, but it is a bit more confusing.

They love their teacher, and between the lines you can tell the entire book has death written upon it. Miss Applebaum tries to teach these kids as much as she can before she passes away, and she babbles about many interesting facts she wants to pass on.

In the end...she dies.

It'll be fun to try this book, and I hope everyone agrees!